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Pender Island Duck Golf 2012

Pre-registration is being accepted by emailing either:

Ferries: Please check the BC Ferries schedule! It will probably not be possible for people to return to the Mainland the same day as the tournament. People going to Vancouver Island will likely be able to catch a late ferry. However, it's best if you make yourself aware of the ferry schedule.

Accommodations: Check out our list of accommodations here. The Gulf Islands National Park campground at Prior Park Will Not Be Open yet!

Pre-Registered Players

Pro Open:

Keith Barclay
Tom Berry
Dave Brown
Joah Chlopan
Steve Crichton

Hector Diakow
Chad Ellis
Evan Eyles
Gordon Field
Kris Klimko

Dave Ross
Craig Sheather
John Silvester
Dave Stropsky
Jesse Thompson


Amateur Advanced:

Clayton Beddington
Mason Bentley
Dax Braby
Mike Bruzzese
Jeremy Carter

Eric Dusch
Rob Elmers
Scott Fennell
Chris Gauthier
Mike Guinness

Miguel Alvarado Guizar
Noah Hughes
Matt Jamieson
Mike Jamieson
Adrien Kaisor

Ben Peterson
Josh Piche
Brent Putnam
Shawn Luco
Mike Majuri

Brendan Maillett
Mike McGregor
Wes McIntosh
Darin Mickelson
Claude Seguin

Eric Vanderwekken
Chris Wakaluk
Joey Wilson


Amateur Intermediate:

Jacob Burton
Chris Campbell
Kris Casey
Rod Duckmanton
Robin Eichendorf

Tobin Eyles
Tim Forrest
Steve Fox
Leucio Giannini
Brad Groat

Kevin Hiemstra
Robert James
Joseph Lackie
Steve Lewis
Jordan Meyer

Darrell Thrasher
Steve Wolfe


Open Masters:

Skye Beddington
Dennis Murray



Pro Women:

Pam Gafencu
Joan Gignac
Jennifer Larsen
Selena Tank


Amateur Intermediate Women:

Amateur Advanced Women:

Marie Eaton


Amateur Novice Women:

Aleesha Bird


Amateur Advanced Masters:

John Bowers
Gerry Erikson
Drew Ferris
Bruce Fowler
Vito Michelangelo

Jeff Schmittlutz
Bill Wickedheizer


Pro Grandmasters:

John Anthony
Mike Bentley
Peter Fennell
Alex Fraser
Mike Graff

Brad Henderson
Ted Hickford
John Kiefer
Jay Samms
Randy Strohan

Jim Willey


Amateur Novice:

Russell Minvielle
Peter Ploeger


Amateur Juniors:



Total: 88


Any questions regarding Duck Golf at the Golf Island Disc Park, Pender Island:
Alex and Liz Fraser
(250) 629-6494 (Alex & Liz Fraser)
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